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  • Keeps towels warm and dry

  • Also functions as a fine fabric dryer

  • Includes wall mounting brackets or freestanding feet

  • On/Off indicator light

  • Durable power cord

    Model: PTW8

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Count on your towel warmer to keep towels drier, fresh and ready to use. Fold used towels over the warming rack to trap the heat, or open them up to dry faster. Delicate garments, hand washables, and sweaters that suffer in a dryer can be placed over a towel on your towel warmer to safely dry. It reduces wrinkles and maintains the shape of your garments. It is an all-season helper! use your towel warmer as a warming rack for coats, snow pants, hats and mittens before venturing out into winters cold. And use it as a drying rack for all of your wet outerwear, beach towels and bathing suits, come the warm weather.
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