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  • Extra-large design accommodates two oversized towels

  • Also works great for robes, blankets, and more

  • Built-in timer lets you heat your towels for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes

  • Heating element thoroughly warms the entire towel--inside and out

    Model: 647156

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Towel Warmer. Wrap yourself in warmth Two-button control panel makes it easy to turn the towel warmer on/off and set the timer Space-saving design takes up little floor space Cord wrap helps keep the extra-long power cord tidy when not in use Plugs into a standard 120V AC outlet Make toweling off a treat. A hot shower or warm bath can mean more than just getting clean. It can also be about taking a few moments for yourself. Our Towel Warmer was made to to extend that soothing and relaxing experience, minus the water. Wrap yourself in a towel (or robe or blanket) thats been warmed to the just-right temperature. The warmer has natural design elements that lend a spa-like feel in the bathroom, and an internal warming element ensures whatever youre warming up is thoroughly toasty. The Story Behind the Brookstone Towel Warmer Our towel warmer is a fan favorite, and it has recently undergone a makeover as a result of customer feedback. We streamlined the design to give it a more subtle shape, and ditched chrome accents in favor of a natural color scheme and bamboo feet. Now the warmer is simple enough to work in any space while it lends a classic spa feel to a room, too. We also added more timing features, amping up from just one setting to four timed intervals. (You guys like your towels super toasty.) The result is a beautiful-looking warmer that provides a bit of everyday luxury and cozy comfort.
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