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3 Kinds of Towel Warmers That You Should Know About

Towel warmers, once thought to be a high-priced luxury that only a select few could afford, have now made their way into households of all sizes and price ranges. There are hundreds of different models available, from the small and sleek to the ornate and behemoth. When it comes time to renovate a bathroom, many homeowners find themselves puzzled by the variety that’s available to them.

This handy guide explains three of the most popular styles of towel warmers, so that you can make an informed choice when you decide to add one of these installations into your bathroom.

Towel Warmer and Radiator Combination

Radiators, while they serve an essential purpose, are bulky, unappealing and can take up a significant portion of your available floor space. A dual towel warmer/radiator unit gets the radiator off the floor – and out of the house, if you no longer need it in any other room – and replaces it with something far more practical and visually appealing.

A towel warmer of this design connects to the hot water supply, just as the radiator would have done. Aside from attaching the radiator/towel warmer to the water supply, the only installation needed is the securement of the unit’s support bars on the wall.

These units operate on a consistent basis, so towels are always fresh-feeling and toasty to the touch.

Electric Towel Warmer

This type of towel warmer is exceptionally easy to use. Simply plug in the unit to start it and unplug it to turn it off! This practical design is a great installation in guest bathrooms, vacation homes and student dorms where it won’t be in constant use.

Hydronic Towel Warmer

Hydronic towel warmers are in operation constantly, and this is essential. A warming gel is used inside of the unit to warm towels, rather than hot water or electricity on its own. The cool gel moves to the bottom of the unit while the warmer gel rises to the top and warms the top bar of the device. To install a hydronic towel warmer, one must install a small pump in the wall behind where the warmer will be located. This pump helps the warming fluid move throughout the unit.

One thing that is true of all towel warmer designs, is that they can be outfitted with a top-sitting rack upon which one can store their other towels for later use. This is a handy feature that, using just a small amount of wall space, can fit into nearly any bathroom décor.