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When redesigning or improving a bathroom, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to spring for some more “lavish” fixtures so that they feel they’re getting the most out of their investment. This is a smart move, of course, but there is one design element that is often shamefully overlooked: towel warmers.

This modestly-priced addition can morph your bathroom from a utilitarian space to your favorite room in the house, so it’s worth your consideration as you make improvements in your home. Towelwarmersonline.com is your one-stop source for any kind of towel warmer that you would want to install in your dream bathroom.

Trim Plant Hire And DIY – A Hardware Centre

Trim Plant Hire and DIY is a hardware, DIY and paint centre that is located in Ireland, was established in 2003 to offer customers high-quality products, exceptional service, and professional advice at prices that are competitive. The staff is knowledgeable and highly trained to offer customers the best service in the industry.

The company offers a range of products and tools for hire including: 

  • Hardware
  • Paint
  • Power tools
  • Lawnmowers
  • Boom Lifts
  • Forklifts
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Garden machinery
  • Hand tools
  • Drills
  • Much more

Accessories And Paint 

Trim Plant Hire and DIY offers customers a variety of paint and accessories for DIY projects. For example, for customers who want to paint the interior areas of their home or business, there are different paint products available. Paint products are available for wood and metal surfaces, walls and ceilings and floors.

The paint product options that Trim Plant offer for wood and metal surfaces are: 

  • Fleetwood Satinwood 
  • Fleetwood High Gloss
  • Ronseal Quick Dry Varnish
  • Creamy Natural Bees Wax
  • Varnish Remover

For walls and ceilings, there are many colour options that customers can purchase from the company such as: 

  • Drifting Sand
  • Forest Jade
  • Lavender Bouquet
  • Mint Frost
  • Magnolia
  • Blush Pink

The Ronseal Brand is very effective for painting and cleaning floors, and Trim Plant Hire and DIY offers several products from the manufacturer including: 

There are also products available for homeowners who want to improve the look of the exterior areas of their homes as well. By simply painting the exterior of your home, you can increase your home’s resale value. So, if you are looking to add a splash of fresh paint on your home, look no further than these products from Trim Plant.

For the walls and roof of your home, you can choose from one of the following: 

  • Fleetwood Weatherclad Antelope
  • Fleetwood Weatherclad Arabian Storm
  • Fleetwood Weatherclad Bitter Chocolate
  • Fleetwood Weatherclad Bracken

The exterior wood and metal around your home can also be updated by using one of the following products like:

  • Ronseal Wood Primer
  • Ronseal Yacht Varnish
  • Varnish Remover
  • Ronseal 5 Year Wood Stain

Is your home’s deck or patio look outdated and old, decking oil and cleaner can help breathe new life into old decking and furniture. Some choices for you to consider are:

  • Ronseal Teak Oil
  • Ronseal Decking Oil
  • Ronseal Decking Stain
  • Ronseal Decking Applicator Pads
  • Cuprinol Sprayable Decking Oil Treatment

Hand Tools Hire 

With the popularity of home improvement television shows, many homeowners are jumping on the bandwagon and are looking for ways to complete DIY home improvement projects on their own time. However, many times, these homeowners do not have the tools necessary to complete renovations and makeovers.

Fortunately, Trim Plant and DIY have you covered. It does not matter what type of project you are ready to embark on, you can choose a tool hire instead of paying for tools that you may only use once or twice.

With that said, the following is a small list of hand tools you can hire for your DIY projects: 

  • Folding Pruning Saw
  • Axe
  • Leaf Rake
  • Garden Spades
  • Grain Shovel
  • Garden Shovel
  • Bypass Pruner
  • Double Edge Pruning Saw
  • Snap Off Knife
  • Feed Forks
  • Spading Forks
  • Hand Trowel

Lawnmower Sales 

Trim Hire and DIY is always stocked with a wide range of lawnmowers that can be used to maintain a variety of landscapes and outdoor environments. The range of lawnmowers will meet different needs, budgets and lawns.

The range of mowers include: 

  • Push Lawnmowers
  • Ride On Lawnmowers
  • Fasttrack Lawnmowers
  • Self-Drive Lawnmowers
  • Industrial Free Rider Lawnmowers

The brands that Trim Hire and DIY carries on a consistent basis are Viking Pro Plus and Massey Ferguson. You can purchase these brands push mowers or standard ride mowers. All of these products are very affordable, and they allow you to maintain your lawn no matter how big or small it is.

Viking Lawnmowers are push lawnmowers that are designed to offer users a total mowing experience. Users can choose either the bagging option or the mulching option. It is not only a very smart and unique drive, but the different models have variable speeds. Users also enjoy a very comfortable driving experience with smooth acceleration and speed control.

Pro Plus lawnmowers make caring for your lawn very easy. These mowers perform great and give your lawn a quality cut every time. These mowers have been constructed to last and can tackle any lawn efficiently. It is one of the best pieces of equipment you can buy for your garden. It does not matter the condition of your lawn, this mower will always give you a finished look that you will be proud of.

The Massey Ferguson mower provides agility, performance, comfort and power to get the job right on the first try. If you are grass in your garden that is difficult to cut, or if your garden has become unmanageable, the Massey Ferguson ride on lawnmower is the best choice. It is ideal for heavy grass cutting.

Trim Plant Hire and DIY offers delivery services and collection services for hire services. The company has been in business for over a decade and offers tool and equipment hire for DIYers and professional contractors alike.

Trim Hire and DIY is also a go-to source for pet owners who are looking for pet owners and farmers. Whether you own dogs, cats or hens, you can trust Trim Hire and DIY to have the pet products you need including kennels and food. With a company that prides itself on providing excellent products with exceptional service, customers can rest easy knowing the company will ensure your projects and jobs are completed on time, within budget and on their terms.

Building New Sheds For Gardens

Having a shed in your garden can be incredibly useful. You can use your shed for storage so that you’ll be able to keep your garden clean and presentable. If you want to learn more about building new sheds for gardens, there are a number of things you’ll want to consider.

There Are Plenty Of Options Available 

Garden sheds can be built in many different styles. Some sheds are simple, while other sheds are a lot more elaborate. There are tiny garden sheds that are exactly right for a small garden, but there are also massive sheds that provide a great deal of space.

You’ll want to take the time to look at a number of sheds so that you can get a clearer picture of your options. You’ll probably notice a number of designs that stand out to you in some way. As you look at different sheds, you’ll get a better idea of what you might want in your garden.

You May Be Able To Build A Shed On Your Own 

If you’re handy and you have the right tools, it might be possible for you to build a shed on your own. There are actually kits that are sold that will make it easier for you to put together a shed on your own. These kits will provide you with instructions and the materials that you’ll need.

Building a shed certain isn’t an easy job, even when you have a kit on hand. If you don’t have any experience with these kinds of projects, this might not be the best choice for you. Still, if you’re a handy person, this might be something that you want to consider.

There Are Skilled Professionals That Can Construct Your Shed For You 

If a kit doesn’t seem right for you, you’ll want to look at contractors that specialize in building new sheds for gardens. If you work with the right people, you’ll be able to have them building a lovely new shed for you.

When you work with professionals, you’ll be able to make sure that your shed meets your expectations. If you want something specific, you’ll be able to get that. You’ll be able to work with them so that they can create the perfect shed in your garden.

Sheds Can Be Quite Affordable 

If you’re concerned about what your new shed will cost you, you should do some investigating. You may discover that building a shed will cost less than you think.

This doesn’t have to be an expensive project, no matter how you choose to handle it. There is a very good chance that you’ll be able to build your shed without spending a fortune on it.

Building A Shed Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

A shed can add a lot of utility to your home. The right shed will provide plenty of valuable storage space. Because of this, building a shed in your garden could actually increase your home’s value.

When you look at the costs of building a shed, you should also think about the many ways in which your shed will benefit you. You’ll be able to use your shed for as long as you live in your home, and having a shed in your garden will allow you to sell your home for a higher price.

If you’re interested in building new sheds for gardens, you’ll want to start learning more about what your options are. You should look at some kits, and you should talk to contractors as well. From there, you can decide what you’d like to do next.

Services and Traits That an Excellent Dublin Cleaning Company Should Have

You may think that you have selected the best commercial cleaning company in Dublin and now they have sent you a quote that matches your budget, they have flexible scheduling options for cleaning your business premises and they are doing all this with a huge smile. Sounds like an excellent arrangement, but did you ever stop and ponder whether your cleaning firm might not be providing each and every service that they should? If you want to get the best deal for your money, which is certainly what every business owner or manager wants, then there are additional services as well as benefits that your Dublin cleaning company should be offering you.

Have you ever pondered whether your cleaning firm can grow along with your business? Most business owners have goals of seeing their organizations become widely successful in the future and if you are thinking of gaining more profit and expanding your company, then it is essential to ascertain that your cleaners can adjust to the ever-shifting business needs. For instance, you need to find out whether your chosen cleaning company caters to businesses of all sizes and if they have a track record of excellent services including all from builders clean up, shop fitting cleaning and of course, office cleaning. If they do not, then this is a good time to consider hiring a Dublin cleaning company that can offer diverse cleaning options, regardless of the size of a business. You should also keep in mind that by forming an excellent relationship with a cleaning firm that you trust, you will ideally want them to grow as your company expands.

Another essential thing to consider is the timeliness of the cleaning firm. If they gave you a quote with a schedule that meets your business premises requirements, then you need to ensure that you are getting most of the services that you are paying for. Commercial cleaning firms in Dublin need to be aware that when it comes to your business, time is a crucial factor. You need to take into consideration the overall workplace cleanliness, your professional reputation, health and safety of the workers and ensure that the overall morale in the office will not be compromised by a cleaning firm. That is why it is imperative to get cleaners who can provide you with quality and timely services. If you cannot find a cleaning company that can provide such, then it is high time that you searched elsewhere.

It is also important to know whether the cleaning company of your choice serves diverse clients. This may not be a very crucial factor when hiring a firm that fits your business, you need to realize that a cleaning company working for various client sizes and background is proof of professionalism, flexibility and the ability to please various types of clients, regardless of the size or type of the business. So, if the commercial cleaners you intend to hire only focus on smaller offices, then you might want to look for those that service other environments like retail outlets, showrooms and medical centres.

Is the cleaning firm known to national organizations? When it comes to professional cleaning, you certainly want the best of the best and that is why it is usually best to check whether the cleaners are recognized by any boards or have earned any significant awards in the industry. Such honours and awards show that the commercial cleaning company has worked hard over the period they have been in business to provide the best services and keep clients happy while getting noticed. This ideally means that their workers have undergone intensive training and know which products are best for cleaning any kind of surface in your workplace. These traits are quite impressive and if your cleaners have any honours or awards, you should be confident that your business is in one of the best hands in regards to cleaning services.

It is ideally important to look into the simple services that the cleaners do on your premises. These are simply the tasks that every cleaning firm should do and by doing them effectively means added points. In some situations, effective and efficient cleaning doesn’t call for high-end equipment. Some cleaners are just straightforward in handling hard cleaning situations as they follow tried and tested methods to make cleaning easier.

In addition to these things, the cleaners should show consistency and ensure that they perform their tasks in accordance with your expectations every time they are assigned a job.

In many cases, commercial cleaners can ideally help you prepare for special events. After the cleaning, the team will leave the premises just like new and that this is what you need to show your guests or partners, making everyone proud of your company.

For seasonal cleaning, the chosen cleaners should be able to provide services that come with every change of the season. These tasks are often done twice a year and going about them like a general cleaning job will certainly help your business premises look better and become a place of even more productivity.

Even though it might be time-consuming, taking the time and effort to find and researching the right cleaning company will certainly pay off in the long run. So, if you are on the search for cleaners that will give you only the best in commercial cleaning services as well as those who will be able to grow along with your business, then you should pick those that understands just how important timeliness is, know how to handle clients from varying business backgrounds and have achieved some recognition for their unparalleled services. You have to put in work, to ensure that you will not settle for a Dublin cleaning company that is just available. The last thing you want is to comprise on the cleanliness of your business premises as it can have a huge effect on customer perception and the health and safety of your employees.

Use the tips mentioned in this post, and you will not regret your choice.

CBD Oil Benefits For You



Cannabidiol, better known as CBD is a common natural remedy for many ailments. It is one of the more than a hundred cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant, otherwise known as cannabis. It is therapeutic and also does not produce the ‘high’ that is associated with taking cannabis which makes it a very safe option for anyone concerned with cannabis effects. CBD can be extracted from the plant and diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut oil to make CBD oil. There are very many CBD oil benefits. We will list some of them below.

It Can Relieve Pain 

One of the most common CBD oil benefits is that it has pain-relieving effects. It interacts with the brain receptors and the body’s immune system to remove pain and reduce any inflammation. According to some studies, it has been found to reduce inflammation in rats that have these effects. It has also been in some reviews that it can cause pain relief without any adverse effects on human beings. CBD, when combined with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), may be used to relieve pain from diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Learn the best way to buy CBD from retailers.

It Reduces Depression 

Depression and anxiety are some of the common mental disorders that affect our well-being. Clinical depression is characterized by a decrease in appetite and also having sadness that persists. They usually are treated with pharmaceutical drugs that have many side effects such as headaches, sexual dysfunctions, and drowsiness. Some of these medications can be addictive and may cause substance abuse. This is where CBD oil comes in. Many people are appreciating its natural approach in helping reduce anxiety and depression. It has also been used to treat insomnia and even in children that have post-traumatic stress disorder.

It Fights Cancer 

Another of the hemp oil benefits is that it has been instrumental in the fight against cancer. Some of the components found in it have been found to have an antitumor effect. They can fasten the tumor cells death in leukemia and also cancer of the colon. Some studies have also shown that it can be used to stop the cancer cells from spreading. It has happened in cervical cancer cells. It is, however, vital to note that these studies are pre-clinical meaning that they have not been done on humans or even mammals and as much as these findings may be promising, they should not be taken as the final proof that it can indeed cure cancer.

It Reduces Acne 

Acne is a condition that may greatly affect one’s self-esteem especially if it appears on the face or areas where people may notice. It is a common skin condition that is caused by a number of factors such as genetics, sebum overproduction or some inflammation. CBD oil can be used to treat it since it has anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to reduce the production of sebum from the skin’s sebaceous glands.

Anti-Seizure Properties 

Whenever there is a fluctuation of the electrical activity in our brain, seizures occur. One of the other CBD oil benefits is that it has anti-seizure properties. It has helped prevent some nerve related diseases such as Alzheimer%u2019s Disease. In some studies, it has been shown to reduce the seizure frequency by a remarkable percentage in children with the Dravet syndrome which is a very complicated childhood disorder. Research in this area is still new, but there have been some promising results from it. There are also many benefits associated with using CBD for sciatica.

It Lowers Blood Pressure 

Some of the recent research that has been linked to CBD has shown the ability to lower high blood pressure. High blood pressure is usually associated with other problems such as heart attack and stroke. A study treated ten people with 600mg of CBD oil and resulted in lowering their blood pressure as opposed to a placebo. Research has shown that the anxiety-reducing properties of these oils are what gives them the ability to reduce blood pressure. It can also help prevent any heart damage in the process. It also has a cardioprotective effect on the heart during heart attacks. It helps in cardiovascular illnesses according to studies. It can also reduce inflammation and any death of heart cells due to its stress-reducing properties, and that it is an antioxidant.

It Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes 

One of the CBD oil benefits that are seldom discussed is its ability to reduce the risk of one developing diabetes. Researchers have confirmed this by the various studies that they have conducted in lab rats.

Sleep Disorders 

It has been found to work as a sleeping aid for most people. It provides relaxation and also calmness for the mind. CBD oil taken during the night time helps in providing a restful sleep and during the day produces alertness. It is bidirectional hence giving us the ultimate balance. It has been noted by researchers to provide you with better sleep, hours after taking it.

It Protects The Skin 

The antioxidant that is in CBD oil has many advantages when applied as infused lotion or serum on the skin. One of it is that it can repair any damages from ultraviolet rays and pollutants of the environment on your skin. It also promotes faster healing of damaged skin hence your skin will be back to normal in no time. It can fight skin cancers such as melanoma.

It Protects Against Bone Disease 

It has been shown that CBD oil can block enzymes that destroy the compounds that build bones in the body hence leading to a reduction in the occurrence of bone diseases that are brought about by age such as osteoporosis and also osteoarthritis. It helps speed up the process of new bone formation in the body. It is why it has been shown to be speeding up the process of broken bones and also decrease the likelihood of a recurrence.

CBD oil has been researched a lot due to its vital role in treating many health problems such as pain, depression, acne and also heart disease. The best part about it is that it is natural. Through the many points listed above, we can conclude that it is a safe and effective natural treatment.

3 Kinds of Towel Warmers That You Should Know About

Towel warmers, once thought to be a high-priced luxury that only a select few could afford, have now made their way into households of all sizes and price ranges. There are hundreds of different models available, from the small and sleek to the ornate and behemoth. When it comes time to renovate a bathroom, many homeowners find themselves puzzled by the variety that’s available to them.

This handy guide explains three of the most popular styles of towel warmers, so that you can make an informed choice when you decide to add one of these installations into your bathroom.

Towel Warmer and Radiator Combination

Radiators, while they serve an essential purpose, are bulky, unappealing and can take up a significant portion of your available floor space. A dual towel warmer/radiator unit gets the radiator off the floor – and out of the house, if you no longer need it in any other room – and replaces it with something far more practical and visually appealing.

A towel warmer of this design connects to the hot water supply, just as the radiator would have done. Aside from attaching the radiator/towel warmer to the water supply, the only installation needed is the securement of the unit’s support bars on the wall.

These units operate on a consistent basis, so towels are always fresh-feeling and toasty to the touch.

Electric Towel Warmer

This type of towel warmer is exceptionally easy to use. Simply plug in the unit to start it and unplug it to turn it off! This practical design is a great installation in guest bathrooms, vacation homes and student dorms where it won’t be in constant use.

Hydronic Towel Warmer

Hydronic towel warmers are in operation constantly, and this is essential. A warming gel is used inside of the unit to warm towels, rather than hot water or electricity on its own. The cool gel moves to the bottom of the unit while the warmer gel rises to the top and warms the top bar of the device. To install a hydronic towel warmer, one must install a small pump in the wall behind where the warmer will be located. This pump helps the warming fluid move throughout the unit.

One thing that is true of all towel warmer designs, is that they can be outfitted with a top-sitting rack upon which one can store their other towels for later use. This is a handy feature that, using just a small amount of wall space, can fit into nearly any bathroom décor.

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Towel Warmer

Towel warmers are no longer the high-priced luxury items that they used to be. Now, thanks to the innovation of the companies wanting to reach larger markets, towel warmers can have a place in any home – regardless of size or budget. While freshly-warmed towels might not be a necessity to taking a shower, it sure makes things a lot nicer. For yourself and your guests, here are three reasons to consider purchasing a towel warmer for your bathroom.

Create a Spa Experience

With minimal expense and no effort at all, you can transform your bathroom into a private spa. A candlelit bath might be the pick-me-up you need, but a ready and warm towel wrapped around you at the end of it? That’s just dreamy.

If you live in a location that gets bitterly cold come wintertime, this added touch of “luxury” is a great way to transition between a warm shower and the cool air surrounding it. You no longer have to dread getting out of the comfort of a hot shower when it comes time to turn off the water.

Say “Farewell” to Mildew Smells

Damp towels trap bacteria, resulting in that faint mildew smell. Even if the towel doesn’t seem to stink, it is still harboring hosts of bacterium within its folds. Storing wet towels on a towel warmer eliminates this unsightly and smelly problem, ensuring that clean and fresh towels are used after every bath or shower. The heating element of a towel warmer will dry used towels quickly so that bacteria doesn’t have time to grow on its surface. This is definitely a step above storing your wet towels on hooks or leaving them piled up in the dirty laundry basket.

Design Options are Abundant

From sleek and modern to ornate and sophisticated, towel warmers are available in a catalog’s worth of designs. You do not have to sacrifice the overall theme of a bathroom to get a towel warmer that fits in the space. There are options on the market for every size and style, so your décor will never keep you from having fresh, warm towels after every shower or bath.

Towel warmers aren’t always high-priced and ultra-elaborate. Because more people than ever before are getting privy to the benefits of having one of these installations in their homes, the marketplace has met the demand for them in kind. There’s a style and a price point to suit every consumer.

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